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First Christian Church supports mission opportunities on both locally and globally. Our Community Missions program supports many local groups who are doing Christ's work supporting people in need in our community. Our Global Missions support projects beyond our countriy's borders, spreading Christ's message to the ends of the earth. In addition, First Christian Church has partnered with Oxford United Methodist Church for the last few years to support the Food Resource Bank, a program where area churches grow crops here locally and the proceeds of the harvest are invested in global programs to help fight world hunger.

global missions

Honduras Mission Update March, 2013 During the last year several things have changed with the Honduras Mission. The main event that occurred is that I have a new board with Mission In Action Honduras who are willing and able to meet all the necessary needs of the volunteers that wish to participate on a mission trip. My new director is Harody Calona and we are honored to have him with us until April. I was in Honduras in October 2012 and January 2013 working with Harody on several of our projects that we have currently. We are excited to offer a number of options for our congregation to choose from. The first option would enable all ages of volunteers to stay and work in an orphanage in Guaimaca, F.M. Honduras. Housing would be on the orphanage land and is easily accessible. The temperature in this area of Honduras is humid which al-lows for the sleeping quarters to be air-conditioned. This facility is a great start for those who have never been outside of the country but would like to participate in a mission trip to Honduras and learn about the culture, its people, the children of the orphan-age, and the way of life for the poorest population. Moving from the airport to the orphanage is approximately one hour and is a safe and easy trip on a well paved road. The facility at the orphanage is also very modern, secured, and is a great experience for ALL ages. Children at the orphanage range in age from 2 months to eighteen years. Our second option is more rugged and would be suitable for those who wish to take a mission trip that allows for hands on experience. The village of El Modelo, San Nicolas, Copan has outgrown their current school building. In 2004 our church went to El Modelo and built a new Kinder for the village. This allowed more room for the grades 1-6 in the old school building. During our visit in October 2012 we went to the school and discovered that now there are 110 children in grades 1-6. There are 3 classrooms to house these children. Each classroom must have 2 grades with very little room for students and the teachers to move about let alone store any materials needed for each individual grade levels. Since there are so many children in the school there is also the problem of the pit toilets. The school has 3 pit toilets but only 1 pit toilet is currently in use. The other 2 are at their capacity. This current state poses a huge health concern for the children and their school. Therefore, the school is in dire need of a new group of pit toilets to accommodate all the children and 3 teachers. The village is also wanting to build a new class-room on the site to help alleviate the over crowdedness of the school building. The third option is located in Agua Agria 2, El Corpus, Choluteca, Honduras. This village has 2 buildings to house the students in their school. One building is for grades 1-6 and the other is for the Kinder. In the Kinder building currently there are 18 children who are in danger daily with the classes that they attend. The building is not safe for the children or teacher to be in. The walls are in extreme poor shape and are buck-ling which in turn makes the windows, walls, and roof at danger of collapsing. There has not been a floor other than a dirt floor in the Kinder. This building is where the children of Kinder eat their lunches, complete their daily work, and rest. Most of the children in this class-room do not have desks to sit at during the day. As many as 3-4 children may have to share desks while other children either sit on the dirt floor or stand. This facility has very few materials for this age of children to use during their school day. While children of this age need hands on materials to learn, the re-sources of this area are extremely limited. Both of options two and three the groups will be staying in hotels in a near-by town that is safe and allows for easy access to and from the villages. There are many ways that you can help with our mission. I’m hoping that you can find it in your heart to experience the joy of helping those in need. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Missi Findley at 765-586-0445.

Domestic Missions

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community missions

First Christian Church supports many groups who are doing Christ's work here in the Lafayette Area by supporting people in various needs: Lafayette Urban Ministry YWCA Women's Shelter SURF Center Trinity Missions Church Women United's Food Pantry

worship in the streets

Worship in the Street is an ecumenical event held at the corner of 6th and North Streets. It has become an annual Fourth of July tradition, but this year we were blessed to have seven churches participating: Brown Street United Methodist Church, Congress Street United Methodist Church, First Baptist Church, First Christian Church, St.John's Episcopal Church, Trinity United Methodist Church, and University Church.

capital campaign

Our campaign goal to raise $395,000 has been met and EXCEEDED in gifts and pledges!!! Thank you for being obedient to Christ’s call to stay strong and go where we believe Christ is leading us!

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